How does the duo pickup system work in this guitar?? can you use both the stereo and mono separately??? help me here--i use a Fender acoustasonic 30 with one input for guitar. how can i get the best output from this guitar?
Yes, I believe you get a stereo out. In fact, it says so, right on Gibson's product page: http://www2.gibson.com/Products/Acoustic-Instruments/Square-Shoulder/Epiphone/Masterbilt-DR-500MCE.aspx

If that is do, the only way to get the "best" out of the guitar is to buy a second amp.

Or, a stereo amp with a speaker cabinet for the second channel,

With a 2 channel mono amp, you can get both tonalities with a stereo splitter and two guitar cables, but the whole thing gets mixed in the output.

One of my Crafter 12 strings is stereo. The "pickup selector switch", has a center position to mix both pickups, but splits to stereo with a stereo input cable. With the stereo input cable or splitter, the 2 volume and tone controls work separately.'

The whole trick with stereo, even using the "pan out" of a delay stompbox, is to produce separation between the two sources, and tht requires distance between them.
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