so the other day. my niece came down while i was playing some guitar and spilled juice near my amp ( a pretty big cup ) some splashed on my amps cab near the bottom right speaker. now when ever i play it its fine for a couple minutes then it starts to thump almost like a heartbeat. im not very experienced at this and was wondering if there was an easy way to remove the speaker to see if it keeps doin it.

my cab is this [forbidden link]
Dr.Z 4x10 cab.

any info / advice would be awesome


edit: it wont let me link the website to the cab, but if you just type DR.Z 4x10 into google it will come up
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At least she didn't push your amp over like my son as done. He has cost me 1 set of power-tubes and 3 12ax7 in less than 1 month before. That little A-hole better be glad he's mine and I love him or I'd trade him for a new PRS
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