Hey all,
A quick question regarding the orientation of playing guitar.
I have been playing guitar for a number of years now and I was wondering
whether there would be any benefit in learning some stuff left-handed,
possibly with the strings reversed.
I'm interested in seeing how it would affect my right handed technique and
whether it would give me new ideas in composition.

My mate had an idea that instead of going straight to upside down lefty, play
right handed with the strings reversed. I'd think of this as a bridge between
what I first thought and how I normally play, right handed.

Your thoughts?

There's really no point in that at all, unless you want to be like MAB playing a guitar with each hand at the same time. The only thing that it might help with would be 8 finger tapping, but you can work on that without changing anything. If you've already been playing right handed for a number of years, stick with that.
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I'm interested in seeing how it would affect my right handed technique and
whether it would give me new ideas in composition.

I think you'd just be frustrated and realise it's a silly idea, seeing as you can already play the guitar normally.

If you want new ideas for composition you can always try tuning your guitar differently than you normally do.
Try tuning it in something like perfect 5th (like violins if I'm not mistaken)...or just go crazy and tune it in something random....or not random...like open tunings and so on.
I have a junk guitar for $30 that I tune randomly now and then for fun... not really for compositional ideas...but it's fun to see if I can play something that doesn't sound like completely garbage.
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Yeah it's completely pointless
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the only thing you might gain from it is a realization of how far you have come since you first started playing guitar.
It is a pretty silly idea. Ahaha. Stupid idea that came to my head in class :L
@Shor yeah, i've got an el cheapo I use for random stuff. It's good fun :P
I hope this thread isnt dead because this is something I have done, and I did notice an improvement in my overall dexterity and my finger picking with my right hand improved. Just beware that playing upside down has a steeper learning curve than with the strings the regular way(I have a lefty that I play but also will use a right handed upside down sometimes). Let me know if you decide to try it out.