Poll: What doctor would you get for a private examination (assume you are male)
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View poll results: What doctor would you get for a private examination (assume you are male)
man doctor
14 17%
ugly woman doctor
2 2%
hot woman doctor
47 56%
robot doctor
21 25%
Voters: 84.
Man doctor vs ugly woman doctor vs hot woman doctor?

Mention a few more options, and then ill put up a poll
this thread really turned out great
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butt doctor

or Idi Amin. Best doctor.
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A doctor who actually knows what they're doing.
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Robot doctor all the way.

I have my whole life to have hot women fondling my genitals, but only a few times could I have a robot specifically programmed to do it properly.
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Woman doctor (preferably hot). Male doctor would be awkward, robot doctor would give me the fear of having my balls crushed.
What about hot man doctor?

It's not for me..
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As long as they're ugly, I don't mind male or female. Imagine how much pussy/dick hot doctors get. I don't want someone examining me reminiscing about the 9/10 they had last night. I want the ugly dude who's reminiscing about reading up on what he's checking me for.

I could listen to its wubstep whilst being examined
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Depends on what I'm being examined for. A prostate exam? Woman. They have smaller fingers.

Well aren't you a delicate little flower.

Had my genitals examined by both and both times I just thought of them as a professional and did not feel any different.
my family doctors are attractive women (and on point). my cancer doctors are old men and one of them looks like a confused walrus. guess which set i prefer.
gimmie a hot lady.

Heloooooooooooooooooooooo nurse.
I had a private examination the other day and let me tell you,

it doesn't really matter as long as they are quick about it.

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Whoever is most competent.

It's the man.


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this thread really turned out great

well obviously the hot woman if it wasn't my dick malfunctioning or something
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it doesn't really matter as long as they are quick about it.

This applies to so many other services
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I wish I was American.

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Young male doctor. Which I am seeing this week after years of seeing an old obese women. And this area is in the top three in the country in the medical field, if not the world.
If it's just a physical or something else that involves touching but plenty of room for error, the hot woman. For something serious, the more competent one who is likely the man.
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I've always liked having male doctors.

That said, during my first year of med school, I was dating another med student (a young attractive female), and our physical exam practice sessions were always great fun!
Is this for a pap smear??
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