So first off, I'm gonna be playing soon at a Nursing Home. The audience are all Middle-age to elderly people 50-80 years old. I'm looking for some songs that can be fun for someone who has JUST started playing guitar (My little brother age 11). He started learning no more than a week ago. So I'm looking for songs that fit the age group and that me and him can play at the same time.

This part is optional, but I have a mid-range voice... I think. I can sing to bands like Goo Goo Dolls and Plain White T's, so if you could suggest some songs that I could sing to, that would be cool. Anything, though, would be great.
I'm 70 and figure many of those people are about my age...so I play Gordon Lightfoot, John Denver, Ian Tyson, etc. ..also soft rock from 50's and 60's. Platters, Everly Brothers, etc. I use accoustic and electric guitars and backing tracks. Songs such as:
Four Strong Winds
Someday Soon
Back Home Again
Hello Mary Lou (I finally got the James Burton licks down!! LOL)
Folsum Prison Blues
Singing the Blues
Twilight Time
You Belong To Me ...etc
some instrumentals such as. Apache, Sleepwalk,