Any other fans out there? Everyone I talk to has either never heard of them, or doesn't 'understand' it. I'd love to find someone else with as much love for them as me...
I like them. I wouldn't say I'm a real Sonic Youth fan, but I like the songs I have heard thus far.
I also liked The Year Punk Broke which I bought mainly because of Nirvana.
Yeah, I bought it for Nirvana too, it came out before I really got into SY, but that DVD helped get me into them. It's a great Rockumentary though!
There are plenty of SY fans out there. Not going to lie, I do like a few songs of theirs but I can't say I know all their discography. But as far as underground goes, SY are one of the more well known bands over the years.
Yeah, but I feel like there are no fans left - this post has kinda confirmed that...
Bands and Artists? I didn't think they really fitted into Indie. Alternative, yeah, but, they are so weird sometimes it falls into other (i thought)