Hey UG. So I've come to a point in my guitar playing life where i want to buy THE guitar that i still have in 70 (or more who knows) years when i'm on my death bed and the guitar that i keep coming back to because its my one true love... I have decided that i love the jag look. And it had to be white. I know it sounds stupid but that's my jam. Anyway, I've come across the new Classic player jag from fender and it seems to be what i'm looking for... EXCEPT a few problems...

1. The Classic player jag that comes in white, only comes with the HH pick up configuration. The sound i want needs single coils. so my question is; How tedious will it be to change the pick guard and wire it up? I'm thinking it wont be so bad but is there anything important i should know before doing it? I already know some pick ups, so thats is taken care of.

And 2. Just the other basic jag problems. The classic player Jags already have the les paul type bridge/internation saddles on it so i don't need to replace that. I'm just really looking for advise on the best way to set it up. And to stop the rattle problem. I think i'll buy and american tail piece as well just so it's better quality.

Thanks to anyone who had taken the time to read all this and more thanks to anyone who is willing to help me out and give me advise! If there is anything else you need to ask or anything i may need to know about jags that i should know that'd be great as well (I already know about the scale length).


Apologies for any spelling and grammar errors!
The Jaguar is definitely a great guitar, i have the Special HH and hope to keep it with me for a long time. As for all the other stuff i would suggest buying the guitar that you absolutely love and spend a lot of time with it, play it and get a feel for it completely. Play it for a year or two then mod only the things you don't like about it after you know the feel of the guitar inside and out. All too often people mod the hell out of a perfect guitar (I too am guilty of this on one of my guitars). If you plan to keep the guitar then think more long term before you make each change... that way IF you want to make a modification you can justify spending on the very best because your long term plan is the same guitar for a lifetime. Just my opinion.
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You could always add a coil-tapping ability to the humbuckers if single coils are your jam. That way you can still get a humbucker sound if you need it, or just flick a switch or pull a knob and you're on your way.
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Thanks so much for the advise! I'll be sure to spend some thinking and playing before i go ahead and mod the guitar. But as for the single coils i think ill chuck em strait in. I have a pretty sick Electa Les paul if i want some humbucker action. I've got my eye on the some Curtis Nokac pick ups. Heard some great thing about them.