I've got a 26'' that I use as a second monitor. Looking to upgrade to a 32'' maybe...37''

What's the best out there for the money right now. Primary use is using it as a TV to watch netflix from my bed which is about 10 feet away.

I'd be willing to buy used.

Sooo...plasma, lcd etc? My primary use is movies so I assume plasma would be best. My room has no glare.

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If you're not pressed for time, I would wait until Black Friday. Should be able to find a decent 32" for around $200-$300

Also, don't buy used electronics.
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I got a 40-in Samsung SmartTV for less then $500. Helps a lot when you don't have cable.
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My TV is a 32" LCD, refurbished. Nothing was wrong with it, other than a power cord wasn't included. Got it for around $250.

I use the TV for everything, as it is the monitor for my computer. Games, Netflix, normal computer stuff, etc.
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