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Hey guys, im just wondering what kinda amp i'd need to replacate all the different tones in this sound, from the kinda clean intro to the breakdown at 2.55. Not trying to imitate the exact sound but something that could have this amount of diversity would be great, cheers in advance.

for some reason the link is forbidden? the song is eradicate the doubt, another example of the kinda sound im looking for would be theres no such thing as a jaggy snake, toys,toys,toys choke, toys toys toys and triptych by arcane roots?
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i think he uses fenders for cleans and hayden mofo's for distortion. also read that he use to use a boss metal zone for a sorta crap lead tone that he liked
If I'm not mistaken, Simon Neil uses multiple amps at the same time. He uses a Fender Hot Rod Deville that is set the cleanest of his amps, and generally runs that way in combination with a combination of Peaveys (Delta Blues or Classic) and/or a Hayden Mofo. The latter amps listed I believe handle most of the dirty tones.

I'm not sure if he's switched, but he was using a Boss Distortion and a Boss Metalzone for his drives.

Mon the Biff! I've really been digging into Biffy lately, somewhat spurred on by the fact that I won a Strat (American Special) at a guitar competition and was looking for bands that use Strats (single coil equipped) for heavier rock. I've became a huge fan.
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Fun fact: simons go-to guitar for albums is a les paul
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would there be any way to replicate his range of tones with only one amp? or a single amp and a couple of cheap pedals? Iv used the mt-2 and iv never got a tone I liked from it
I couldn't really name just one amp off the top of my head, but here's a short list of what you might look for:

- A tube amp with a decent clean sound. (Or if you go the single channel route, an amp that can clean up fairly well from light-gain base tone)
- Probably two types of drive pedals of some sort to go along with that. The first should probably be something smoother, round, and not too gainy, so probably an OD pedal of some sort. The second pedal should be something that could get you into the heaviest territory you'll need to be in. This could be an OD with a nice amount of gain on tap, or even a decent Distortion.

Ideally, if you go the two pedal route, make sure the two pedals you use play well with each other and are able to stack together.

Not that I'd say I have the perfect setup to achieve this sound by any means, but what I've mentioned is actually the type of setup I've been using for some time now. A Jet City JCA 20H into a 4x12, set to a light crunch that I can clean up with my guitar's volume. Then from there I have a Digitech Bad Monkey for my lighter OD and an MI Audio Blues Pro for the dirtier sounds (for high-gain solos I'll stack them).

I've been thinking about running a multiple amps somewhat like Simon does. I believe he's running at least 3, maybe 4 sometimes, but I'll only run two. I'll be sort of using the same concept though, that one amp will be running cleaner and one amp dirtier, although I won't have one amp running almost completely clean like he does with the Fender DeVille.
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Umm. . .uh. . .your mom touched sjones' dick. YOUR MOM TOUCHED OUR GUITARISTS GENITALS IN A CAMPER AT A BIKER FESTIVAL! truth.
frontman and guitarist simon neil currentoy plays through 3 or 4 amps on stage which include hayden, marshall and mesa/boogie as well as his mainstay, a fender hot rod deville. He adds distirtion from two boss pedals, the MT-2 and MD-2. His live guitar of choice is a fender stratocaster but 'stingin belle' features multi track guitars some most likely equipped with humbuckers. The best approach is to use a humbucker equipped guitar through an amp with warm valve-based overdrive and adding dirt from a distortion pedal

You hit 'em and they get back up
I hit 'em and they stay down
- Frank Castle