I'm looking for someone who can give me some advice about my guitar. I recently got some Ernie Ball Not Even Slinky's, a large gauge, and am having trouble tuning them on my guitar. I am a bit of a noob with only a few successful stringings under my belt but I am confused and irritated as hell as my strings don't get into tune, as far as my tuner says, until my bridge is completely extended and I risk breaking my strings and even then not in tune...what Hertz should I be aiming for?
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Not even slinky are .12's. That's a thick set. If you're tuning in E standard, that is a hell of a lot or tension.

What string gauge did you have before and what tuning are you using?
Also, let me add that the string gauge shouldn't matter as far as tuning your guitar. You can get all open strings to tune no problem, it's the neck bow and intonation that will be thrown off from going with heavier strings.

Make sure you are stringing the guitar right, you need a few wraps around the pegs to make sure the strings don't slip and go out of tune. You also need to stretch new strings, or they will go out of tune as they stretch.
It sounds ur trying to tune up an octave to high. For example: When you hit ur E string and the tuner says it's a B, try tuning down to E rather than up to E. you tuner does not take octaves into account.
Sounds like you've got some type of Floyd bridge actually. You will need to tighten the claw in the trem cavity if you are making such a big change in string gauge. Just tune until the bridge starts to be slightly raised, then tighten the springs a little, until the bridge is slightly recessed. Then repeat back and forth until its in tune, and level.
Take it to the nearest tech and pay the $30 for a setup. I agree that it sounds like you have a tremolo bridge... and if you're a noob as you say.... just pay the money get it set up with the strings you want and focus on playing it instead of effing with it.
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I would 1st de-tune all of your strings until they're flabby. Then, since we're all assuming that you have a Floyd Rose trem system (and it's a good assumption), make sure you set up it properly. (See here.)

Finally, this might help you match pitches. You want your guitar to be at those pitches. It starts at the low E and goes up to the high E. Use your tuner to get it exact. Btw, you are going to be tuning in the set up process, and the link should give you an idea what the specific notes of the strings sound like.
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Just saw your last question OP, and standard tuning is 440Hz. This does not mean that it's different if you tune down.

It's best just to leave your tuner at 440Hz, then tune to whatever notes your strings need to be.
If he's tuning to standard, that's a bit crazy and would require a bunch of adjustment in the neck to be able to work. If say, the OP is tuning to C or B standard, I would think there's an issue with how he is putting on the strings. Take it to a tech and get him to explain what's up.
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