I'm curious what types of tones people have discovered using a 10k neck humbucker at the bridge, or flipped facing with the screws the other direction. The pickup will be in a the bridge position of a strat style body, only in the bridge position. Let me know of any ideas or insights you may have.
As a rule of thumb, more resistance means more wire, which means higher output. There is more string deflection at the neck position than towards the bridge, so bridge pickups are wound with more wire to compensate. If you swap their positions then you'll just end up with a weaker bridge sound and a boomier neck sound.

This is all ignoring any tonal stuff that goes into optimizing the pickups for their respective positions.
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flipped facing with the screws the other direction? I think I've done exactly that with lefty guitars. On my parts-o-caster, the last "wild hair" I got was to put my Dimarzio Air Zone (don't remember the resistance) in the bridge to back up a ~8.0k P-90 in the neck. Very nice combo, good tone and harmonics, but the Air Zone sounded way better in the neck position. I had it paired with an old Series 10 EVH style 2-conductor HB and it was plenty dirty and sweet, but I just had to try a P-90 and keep my phase switching on the A.Z.
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So by me putting a neck humbucker where the bridge is at would only result in a slightly weaker sound? That's all?