Hello all. I have up for trade a Jackson RR-3 model guitar in Crimson Red w/Jackson padded gig bag. The cavity cover is a silver finish to match the knobs and floyd, and I put Epiphone Pickups in it as well. I have the original pickups. There are a a couple of dings and light scratches, but nothing major. I'm looking to trade this guitar. The reason is it hurts my wrists to play since I have major wrist issues. What I'm looking for, is basically anything good for rock with humbuckers. I love Schecter guitars, explorers, Les Pauls.... A Tele with Humbuckers would be cool! Price is $350 shipped gifted paypal.

I also have the EMG 81/85 with solderless kit set up for trade I'm not an EMG fan, but love Blackouts so I can trade for that as well. You can submit cash offers on the Pickups and strap as well.

Id be cool working out a deal of all the stuff listed for a guitar. Just shoot me an offer.