I am new to all this and want to setup my DigiTech RP255 with Cubase 5 (version 5.1, build 105). Plz help....
Specs -
Win7 64-bit
i-7 4770k
8GB Ram
Motherboard - AsRock Z87m Extreme4 with purity sound

I am into graphic rendering and u can say i just installed cubase and have no idea... Your help will be much appreciated.
What i wish to achieve is record my guitar via RP255 and cubase...
I am getting this error in the beginning -
"Impossible to record audio because the Audio Input is not active.
Open the ASIO DirectX Full Duplex Setup Dialog. Make sure that the device is selected in the input ports section and that its check box is activated"
Installed patch, fixed... but how to record? i cant get anything!!!! I mean i click, record enable, monitor and then record but it dont catch any volume.... or anything!!!
Armed? I clicked record and started playing guitar but nothing got recorded, yea I have selected rp255 from d list in connectors(input devices)...
Btw I couldnt even hear it on pc speakers
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I'm guessing you're using Cubase AI that came with the Digitech? There must be a manual on the disk, no?

In short, you need to check your routing. Do you have inputs assigned and enabled under "VST Connections"? That's the first place to start.

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