I'm a new member here. I've tried searching the Wiki for this, but most threads seem to address the use of the VK212 for metal.

I bought the amp for pedal steel, and the cleans are pretty good for that. The amp is stock, and I want to have some versatility for live play with some crunch for blues, which it seems to do pretty well, as is.

I play a MIM Tele with Twang King neck and stock bridge pups, and also a Melody Maker with HBs (Les Paul build with P90 bridge and mini-HB neck on the drawing board).

Has anyone had experience using the amp for blues, and what mods, if any, such as tube replacement or speaker replacement would you recommend?

Any thoughts on settings for the amp?

Thanks for any help.
some of the same ideas for the speaker swap or tube changes still apply here I say. Though you don't have to worry about the other mods to get you more gain since you won't need it. So I say look at some speaker you want to go with for blues to give it a different feel and tube wise is up to you but all the ideas we've encountered on the VK thread should be applicable.
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