Thinking about picking up one to replace my BF-2. Has anyone owned one, and how would it rank in the order of flangers? I would love a Strymon Orbit, but $300 for a flanger isn't really in my budget. Could you recommend any other flanger priced around $175?
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The original EHX big box gets a lot of love, but I've heard people complain about white noise with it. Not sure if the reissue has fixed the problem. The new small box versions of it don't get much love if any, but no noise issues there. It also behaves differently soundwise compared to the BF-2. Haven't tried the MXR flanger, it's an option too as is TC Vortex Flanger.
I'd place the BF2 at the bottom of the pyramid with the EM right on top if comparing the two, but hey that's just me, check some out at a store nearby.
I've never played the original 18v one, but I've played the current Stereo Mistress, Neo Mistress, and the old Deluxe Electric Mistress.

If you're looking for your standard flange tone...this isn't it. I'd compare it more to a Phaser running into a Chorus (in fact, I fake a pretty good Mistress tone running my Small Stone into my Small Clone). That being said the Deluxe Mistress I played sounded heavenly. If you can find one (on ebay they can sometimes be found for under $100) I'd say go for it. The Stereo Mistress also isn't bad if you can find it for cheap. Don't get the Neo Mistress though.

Also, I've heard the Mooer Eleclady get some glowing reviews. A few people have said it blows their real Electric Mistress out of the water. $88.00 Brand new
I have the stereo Electric mistress and I really like it I kind of have a problem classifying it does it, but for me its just more toy i don't use it much playing out unless i get a small gig for ambient shit.

One thing I do like is that you are able to freeze it in a certain spot of the flange.
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^I had the SEM too. Have you tried it in stereo yet? It sounded amazing to me in that regard. The Flange & Chorus are placed parallel to each other in it, so it's sorta like a unique pedal to have the two effects in that placement. I've to say though that jet swoosh sounds aren't the strong points of the EM or SEM, for that stuff the MXR is preferable. Strymon Orbit does both of those, so if someone gets that thing then it's like buying both the EHX EM & MXR Flange in one pedal, that's one way of justifying the $300 price tag for it
boss hf-2 is a lot sweeter and less insane than the bf-2. a lot of forum folk reckon you can get electric mistress vibes from it. it's also my most favourite flanger, and i've played heeeeeaps.