Well i want to hook my DigiTech RP255 and record stuff, make music and dubsteps. Which is the best (and price is a factor) DAW out there? Free one would be awesome (i am not to guitars and music production so can be considered a beginner) if it fullfills my needs.... Please explain the differene in terms of applications (what i can and what i cant do).
That sounds like a lot of work that you could easily do yourself... go look at REAPER, look at the basic functions list, see if it does what you want.

Because honestly if you don't want to spend much Money it's pretty much you're only choice.
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Reaper if you dont have a mac.

If you do, Logic.
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Presonus Studio One and MuLab

Both options are easy and quick to use(fast workflow), and reasonable price. Studio One in better in every aspect, it is a top DAW actually that rivals Cubase, Ableton etc. MuTools is something in the range of Reaper.

Both have limited free versions, Studio One FREE does not allow third party VSTs. MuLab free does.
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