I'm looking for some new strings and I want to try something different. Those are the sets I'm thinking about. I've been playing standard D'Addario's since I've started but I've heard pure nickel strings are great. While researching them, I noticed the Cobalts. I'm just looking for some comparisons of the two.
The cobalts are great when you first put them on. But they go dull very quickly in my experience with them! I don't think they are worth the extra money! I always keep coming back to standard D'Addario XL's! The pure nickel strings aren't bright enough for me, but unless that's what you want. Just buy a pack of everything and decide for yourself!
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Ernie Ball Cobalts or Rest and Relaxation? I'm going R&R Baby.
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The only reason I'm hesitant about buying both initially is just the honey-moon period and that I'm comparing two things I'm unfamiliar with. It's also not something you can easily go back and forth with to get a good comparison and figure out which works better for me.

A lot of people say colbalts are great but I'm worried about that they'll make my guitars too bright. The increased output also makes me a little afraid of losing dynamics. I would hate to lose the ability to go from clean to distortion just by picking. I have absolutely no reservations about switching to R&Rs though.
I thought cobalts were great when I first put them on. They were very bright and crisp and I barely had to stretch them in. They just would not go out of tune, even when new. A couple weeks later they were some of the dullest sounding trash I'd ever bought. They started corroding quickly as well and it generally take me month to get string to corrode. They also seemed fragile to me. It's been a long time since I broke the ball of a string when putting them on a guitar but this one snapped with barely a twist. I'm going back to Everyly B-52s if I can ever find them. They have the same kind of brightness and last much longer in my experience.
My buddy swears by cobalts now. I dunno if its just my hands, but I kill them in about two weeks. I mean its not really gonna break the bank for you to try em out. They just don't do it for me.
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Have you tried plain old ernie ball regular slinkies? I've preferred them for years. Recently I gave d'addario xls a try again and I ****ing hate them. Eb's need to stretch to stay in tune but after that they stay in tune forever and last longer, d's stay in tune right away but after a few days they're done.

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Ernie Ball's regular 10's are just perfect. Stays in tune and lasts for a long time. There's a reason why Eric Clapton swears by them=)