Alright, so I'm new here and I had a question that hopefully someone can answer me.
My dad gave me a Gibson Epoch about a week ago. I know that this guitar isn't anything fancy but it works for me besides one problem.

On the low E string, second fret, whenever I press down is rattles when I strum. It's only that string on that fret. Is there anyway I can fix this at home? I hope someone out there has the answer

It sounds like you have a bad fret. You can try raising the action at the bridge by turning the screw and raising the strings up on that side.

It probably needs to have the fret fixed though. Take it to a repair shop.
Or there isn't enough relief in the neck. A truss rod thing. Or there could be a tuner washer loose causing the buzz.
Sounds like a high fret. If it's just one string and one fret , it probably isn't a truss rod issue. Definitely take it to a shop because frets are an easy thing to mess up if you don't have the proper tools or experience.
Yeah I'd agree with this ^.

Normally I encourage DIY, but seating frets can be traumatic for someone not used to it, and terminal for the guitar if you whack it with the wrong kind if hammer!

If seating won't do, you'll need a level and dress. It can be done at home, but you tools and some very good workshop skills. Really probably not worth it in this case. The tools would cost WAY more than having a pro do it!