All of the world is,
Passing me by,
I stand still,
as time thrives,
This cold, hopeless, hell,
My body is a shell,
awakened by the bell,
and it seems,
so surreal,
My life i take,

as I fall into the surface,
I splash into the ground,
i make the world my only haven,
When I Die i make no sound,

My form has saturated,
your mind,
I may be dead,
but my kind is blind,
Recycled through darkness,
Recycled through voids,
I re-join my world,
and my mind's destroyed,
Frozen in time,
My funeral chimes,
joining the grime,
and it seems,
My life,
I take,
and I let myself go,
and I go down,
I feel the wind blow,
and I hit the ground,
So lets go,
Oh yeah,
Into the ground