"Canadian Government to Charge International Touring Artists $425 per Band Member per Performance in Canada, Previously A 1 Time $150 Fee"

Link: https://www.change.org/en-CA/petitions/canadian-government-to-charge-international-touring-artists-425-per-band-member-per-performance-in-canada-previously-a-1-time-150-fee

From the article:

"This additional $275.00 fee - applications previously were a one time fee of $150.00, and now total $425 per band member - is required to be paid by talent buyers in Canada when aiming to host an international touring artist. This will inevitably cripple small music venues and small business talent buyers.

As the Calgary Herald reports,

'The new rules, which quietly came into effect July 31, will double, triple or even quadruple the cost of bringing in international artists to perform in bars, restaurants or coffee shops...'

Today we take a stand for the development of culture and performance arts.

The implications of allowing such additional fees will hinder the potential for talented international artists whom simply aim to perform for their fans and expand their recognition. Canada's introduction of such a fee should not be taken lightly, nor excused. The development of our culture on a global scale and the opportunity to invite talents from beyond our borders is something to be cherished and appreciated, not taxed in such a way that will only discourage Canadian talent buyers from welcoming international talent.

With this inflation of upfront fees associated to bringing an international artist to Canada, the government is taking a clear stance of desired control over a culture that blossoms with freedom and deserve support rather than increased financial responsibility.

Sign your name to this petition and share it with those whom you feel will also stand behind challenging such a greedy and unmerited demand that will strangle local small businesses and those attempting to welcome international talent to Canada, growing our cultural diversity and global notoriety."

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Surely any band coming from another country to play in Canada is making more than $450 for the local economies they play in...
Politicians must know that musicians aren't going to like this. Do you really think they care what a bunch of Americans think?
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Already signed, thanks to Pelican.
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