This band rips

Does anyone have a DL for complete and total f*cking midnight? Free or for cash I just need this album on my ipod
They do rip. Was meant to go to MDF this year and was looking forward to seeing them, but I ended up not being able to save up enough money to go like a chump and had to sell my ticket haha. Whatever!

I'm gonna send you a funky fresh message on Facebook though.
You may as well just get Complete and Total Hell because it's pretty near to the exact same song list, and by that I mean you only miss out on one track. If you're that desperate for one track, maybe you should try buying on iTunes:

Quote by Complete and Total ****ing Midnight
1. Funeral Bell 01:04
2. All Hail Hell 03:27
3. Servant of No One 03:06
4. Unholy and Rotten 03:36
5. I Am Violator 03:19
6. Hot Graves 02:58
7. Long Live Death 03:35
8. White Hot Fire 03:43
9. Endless Slut 02:45
10. Lord in Chains 04:49
11. Strike of Midnight 05:22
12. Take You to Hell 03:36
13. ...On the Wings of Satan 02:40
14. Turn up the Hell 02:44
15. Death Sentence 02:22

Quote by Complete and Total Hell
1. Funeral Bell 01:05
2. All Hail Hell 03:25
3. Servant of No One 03:04
4. Unholy and Rotten 03:34
5. I Am Violator 03:18
6. Hot Graves 02:56
7. Long Live Death 03:33
8. White Hot Fire 03:43
9. Endless Slut 02:46
10. Lord in Chains 04:50
11. Strike of Midnight 05:23
12. Take You to Hell 03:37
13. On the Wings of Satan 02:40
14. Turn up the Hell 02:44
15. Black Rock'n'Roll 02:52
16. It's a Sacrifice 03:07
17. Vomit Queens 04:12
18. Screams of Blasphemy 04:15
19. Cross Held High 04:58
20. Lucifer's Sanctuary 03:26
21. Berlin Is Burning

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^ Yes. They were killer at Evil Invaders this year!

I missed the EI5 show, but went to the Melbourne one the following day. Very impressive; nasty and aggressive, exactly what I was hoping for

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Got the tape myself. It fucking rips it like Welcome to Hell and Pure Filth. This stuff panders to me so hard it's almost criminal. Still it's easy to find thousands that fail at this stuff so Midnight is so fucking welcome at the moment. Athenar takes a hardcore piss at the modern Metal media so well, even with great interviewers.

I'm at work and can't pull out the exact issue, but Bulldozer zine asked him "Beer or Whiskey" and Athenar's response was something along the lines of "Coffee with tons of cream and sugar and Sweetened Ice Tea or ice cream."


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We should talk about the faceless legions of Midnight fandom, whose mugs have been melted out of existence. Every lick, every melody, every solo makes my face dematerialize into goop. Try Suicide is a ripper, probably my favourite track from the new one. Gotta give it more listens. I just gotta.

While I'm at it,