D:8---------|9---------|8---------|9---------| x2


On the second piece, I know how to play it, simply 6-6-7--7 and so on. But how , a bass do I play the top part? Am I suppose to hold it like a chord and play 3 strings as if it's a normal guitar or... what? I'm sure this has been covered I just don't know where.. I apologize if this is a repeat post or if I missed it in the lessons.

Oh and this tab is takin from the Linkin Park - Hybrid Theory album
You would fret it like you are playing a power chord with the octave like on a guitar and use your thumb, point and ring finger to pluck the three strings simultaneously.
Hold the chords like on a guitar (I usually use my index, ring and little finger) and strike with a pick or with fingers. Nothing hard.