Hey, I just bought a bass from a guy on craigslist. My buddy picked it up, I haven't even seen it yet besides pics. I don't know what it is other than a Dean. Hopefully got a good deal. Anybody know what exactly this model is?
It's a Dean Edge. Not exactly sure which one, maybe an Edge 1?
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Looks like it could be a edge 1. I'm not to familiar with their stuff though so I could be quite wrong.

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You guys are quick! I was looking at the Dean Edge series on Ebay. That does look really close. It just looked to me like the ones listed all had curved head stocks like a U while this one was straight cut like a V. Couldn't find one like it. Maybe it's just an older model?
Could be a older as nothing they have now with the same pup and pots configuration hasn't anything similar to that style of head stock.