Hey guys,

Already made another thread a couple of days ago about buying a new electric, but now narrowed it down to 2 brands. Please keep in mind, I'm on a tight budget and need a guitar at the moment for some performances as my old one has failed me and I need a fix until I save up enough to buy a higher end electric later on!

I narrowed it down to:

1. Fernandes Revolver X
2. Ibanez RG series - especially the RG370 - found it used (and maybe the RG350MDX, and the RG470 as well - generally lower end RG's - probably going with used or cheap new ones) (must have whammy bar).

My questions are:

- Which of these would stay in tune better/longer during whammy bar usage, etc?

- Which one has a smaller neck, as far as I know, the Fernandes has a 16 neck, don't know about the RG series guitars though?

- Which of these generally has better build, quality, etc?

- I think the Ibanez have ZR, Edge 3, Edge 2, etc trem bridges while the Fernandes Revolver X has a licensed FR trem bridge. Which do you think is relatively better? (Whammy bar is a must for me - and since I need it to relatively stay in tune, also need a floating bridge as well)

- Which of these (revolver vs. RG370 vs. RG350MDX vs. RG470) gives better sound with the stock pickups? Not THAT huge of an issue for me since I have an effects pedal I use along with the guitars, but would like to know nonetheless.


P.S: Please keep in mind I mostly play hard rock/metal/metalcore, and mostly rhythm with the occasional soloing/lead.
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If you want a good trem, you shouldn't be looking at low -eng RGs. They either have the Edge III or the Lo-TRS, neither of which are particularly good. You should be looking for a used RG550 or an S-series with those nice ZR trems.
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A little out of my price range, but thanks for the suggestion dude. I'm only looking for something somewhat temporary for the coming year so these are the current options I have. Any comments about the Fernandes?
The newer RG370 should have the edge zero II bridge and that's much superior to the old lo-trs and edge IIIs!
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The Fernandes

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Usually, Ibanez can't be beaten on budget axes for metal.

I think this is one occasion where they are. I really like my Ravelle Elite's ergonomics, and the other Fernandes guitars I have handled have all been pretty well-made. The trem on the Revolver X is a licensed Floyd, so it's probably a toss-up between that and the one on the Ibanez.
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