Hey Everyone,
I was planning on getting a Zilla Super FatBoy (quoted £500) but today I saw an ad from a local person selling a used Marshall 1960A 4x12 Cab for much less than the Zilla...
What do you guys think? I play pretty much every genre of music and I'll be using it with my EVH 5150III 50W head.

Should I get the Zilla? The Marshall? Or do you guys have any other suggestions?
1960A is pretty much the standard, should work just fine.
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yeah as long as you like the g12t75s

that sounds like an awful lot for the fatboy, have the prices gone up?

I haven't tried zilla, but I really like my roadkill stag. it's a similarly oversized type of 2x12, and (last i checked, anyway) a lot cheaper than zilla. also made to order in the UK. and they'll put whatever speakers you want in there, too.

Obviously those aren't your only two options, you have a lot of options for custom cabs, and also off-the-shelf.
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I have the 50 watt EVH head with a Marshall 1936 loaded with G12T75s. Sounds good to me. Can't go wrong with the 1960A.
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