I will be heading to New York City this weekend for my nephew's christening (I'm godmother, IDK why, I never talk to its parents...) and my brother and I will be there from Friday to Sunday evening.

I'm not a fan of the conventional tourist thing where you go to the Empire State Building or whatever famous landmark there is to take pictures. I like to experience the place, mostly through food.

For you guys who have been or live in New York, where do you recommend I go for good food or just interesting day activities that won't break the bank? I'd love to go to semi-hole-in-the-wall places but nothing too obscure. If you can recommend a great place in Chinatown, that'd be great, too. Or which place sells the best french macarons.

It is also our first time using public transportation there. Any advice or tips?
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Carnegie deli for sure. Get a giant pastrami sandwich.
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