Hey guys,

I think my GGG fuzz face build is official dead, so rather than try to revive it, i thought i'd gut it, use what i can (the case, jacks + Pots) and build me a nice new one using some Perf-Board i have lying around that i have been just looking to use somehow.

Now, i am a novice pedalmaker really, tackling only GGG layouts (built me no defunct Fuzz Face and a still awsome Octavia clone; my soldering is getting better!) so perf-board is new for me; i can understand the layouts on the board just fine, but when it come to hooking it all up to the jacks etc. i'm lost!

I am using this 'Multi-Face' schematic, with socketed caps + trannies:


Could someone maybe draw me a really simple diagram that even an idiot could understand?
Like the part-layout drawings they have on GGG, that just show how the board connects to the off-board wiring footswitch, jacks, LED, mains power supply etc. and how it's all grounded and stuff.

Thanks for any help guys.
I will try and post some pictures and clips when it's all done; i have a load of trannies, Jfets and caps to try out, should be pretty cool.
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Thanks so much CodeMonk, that's perfect!

In terms of the resistor for the LED, does the value depend on the type of LED?
As i am using a Bright Pink one, i seem to remember seeing that the resistor value depends on the type of LED?
I found a resistor calculator, which seemed to work out at a 220-240 ohm resistor?

And another quick question, in regards to how the pots all fit in to this off-board hook up.
There is no 'out' on the multi-face schematic. Would the 'Out' be the volume pot?
IE the perfbard runs to the vol (lug 3), and then a wire (lug 2) to the footswitch.

Also, how would the gain pot hook up to the ground?
Does there need to be another wire joining it to the vol (as in the GGG schematic)
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