Hey, I'm not a good guitarist, but I have the most basic guitar in existance and would like an upgrade, preferably one which will last and not need replacing again. I've been keeping my eye open for ones I like, if it looks nice, sounds nice, and plays nice, that'd be perfect, but I've yet to find one which has all three.

One of the ones I like the look of is the ARZ700 (aside from how shiny it is), but the only music shop with it in to try doesn't seem interested in selling it, even though a friend asked to try it, they said they'd get it in, never did, then didn't reply to an email I sent (they had it a few cities away in another store). Has anyone ever tried this one?

The other style I like are the Ibanez S Series, cuz their bodies are sexy, but annoyingly, they all seem to have tremolos and stuff. As long as it sounded nice, I'd be fine with passive pickups, but does anyone know of something which looks the same but has a normal bridge? (also in white) :P

LTD Eclipse (EC-1000) in Vintage Black

Gold binding might not be what you are looking for, but its satin finished, so it's not shiny.

Maybe also consider getting the S series and also getting a Tremol-no? Or somehow blocking the trem.
iirc there's an S series in the new ibanez iron label stock that has a hardtail. can't speak for the build quality though.
^ the s421 seems to be a hardtail, too. I haven't tried it, though. EDIT: not in white, either.
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I have tried the ARZ, absolutely brilliant guitar for the price. light weight, good neck, and the sound isn't too bad (a pickup swap would make it better, but you make a trade off in this price range, build quality or a nice spec sheet).
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Dude. If it's within your price range, try for a Gibson SGJ or LPJ. They both come in a satin white, so it's not shiny and sticky, they have regular TOM bridges, passive pickups with great tone, and the SGJ has 24 frets, if you want them. The SGJ is $599, and the LPJ is $649, I think, plus tax. Solid, well-built instruments. They're cheap for Gibsons, but they're still Gibson.
I haven't tried either of those, but someone said about the LTD line has body shapes for both of the ones you're interested in, and they tend to be pretty reliable. What's your price range? The LTD EC (similar to the first one you mentioned) ranges from like $400USD to upwards of $900 or more. I can't think of the LTD model that is similar to the second one you like, but you can get it without a trem.

Also, I happen to like Jackson a lot, so the Dinky is kind of similar to your second choice, fixed bridge and a pretty awesome guitar for the price.
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iirc there's an S series in the new ibanez iron label stock that has a hardtail. can't speak for the build quality though.

It's lovely, we have one where I work, great quality for the money, Dimarzio pickups too!
I haven't played either one but there are two S models with fixed bridges.

The S571, comes in Red and Black, both quilt maple tops with Ibanez H-S-H pickups for $499 US. Then the Iron Label someone already mentioned which has Dimarzio pickups for $699; the pickups in the Iron Label are the same they put in a couple of their RG Prestige models.
Have you ever played an S series or you just like the styling? Those necks are really thin. Some people love them and lots hate them..