Poll: Is what she did acceptable?
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Yes, I don't see any problem in that.
7 54%
Hell no, that was an insult!
2 15%
Wo the **** is Avriel Lavigne?
4 31%
Voters: 13.

The thing at 3:29 reminds me of some guy with too much hair and a solo of his...

Is Lavigne's action to be considered a tribute to the super-famous solo and video?
Or is it to be considered some kind of joke, and she deserves to slowly and painfully die?

Name's Luca.

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She got really fat.
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More importantly, are the Chad Kroeger nudes legit?

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Wow, that subtle commercial in the beginning was really genius. So this is how bubble gum pop works nowadays? I'm glad I don't have (m)TV at home...so please stop updating me of shit like this!
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Avril would sooo get it.

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I thought you were saying that she copied the solo, who cares if they make a similar scene in a video.

The verses and chorus sound a whole lot like another pop song though, I can't place it. More similar than pop songs are to each other already.
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More importantly, are the Avril nudes legit?

First post in two years to say hm? What?

Edit: Well that was a fruitless search, if by fruitless you mean full of photoshopped but still totally excellent pictures of naked women.

Edit2: Oh, yeah, and no one cares. Avril's pretty shit, G'n'R's pretty shit... go about you business people. C'mon, work to do...
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