That intro is just beautiful, and I like how you brought the distorted guitars in gradually. The bit around 0:38 was very cool, especially the bass line and the wah on the leads. I liked how you brought the clean part back at 0:58, makes it feel kind of like a verse part to the song. 1:16 felt like a pre-chorus, and while it was very nice, I would have built up some tension towards the end of that section, then resolved it in the next part. 1:45 is just gorgeous. Wow. Fantastic. The transition at 2:04 felt a bit sudden, maybe a small drum fill could help with that. That section itself was really nice. Again, transition at 2:23 was quite sudden, another drum fill would sound great there. The tapping in that next bit reminds me of something Steve Vai would do - do you listen to his stuff? I also liked how the drums built up and the lead guitar gradually faded out. Those chords you were using were very cool - were you using power chords with a 9th tagged on? I just cannot get enough of those.

From a mixing perspective, I'd say the drums are a bit too quiet. The rest of the mix sounds fantastic.

Great work overall, I'm following you on Soundcloud now.

Would appreciate a C4C if you get the chance: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1611213 The Soundcloud version is the most recent, so take a look at that. Cheers!