I bought an all-mahogany Tacoma Road King least year, a nice, full bodied guitar. But the strings are clearly dying. IOW, it is time to change the strings that it shipped with. But I'm not sure which way to go.

My other 2 acoustics- an Ovation Elite and a walnut Jon Kammerer singlecut thinline- sound great with their Auroras, but I don't think the Tacoma would sound right with coated strings. Whatever it shipped with were reddish, with a nice chime...but I have no idea what those strings were.

I've read about phosphor bronzes, 80/20s, nickel...

So I'm a bit lost, and would appreciate a bit of advice.
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those bigger-bodied ladies tend to love bigger bodied medium strings Danny-boy.
i'm currently going thru the whole "new guitar, which strings?" game also. i know, i know, i do that a lot.
i tried out lights on the maple 616ce and they sounded horrible so i went back to EXP17 mediums(anything was an improvement over the Elixirs that came on it) and they seem to work well for me. the African Ebony 616ce seems to love the EXP16 lights.
them 'Hogs are a whole different animal altogether...can't wait to get me hands one one. 'Hogs tend to be a lot mellower than the usual spruce guitars so the string search is completely different.
need more gear and a lot more talent(courtesytuxs)