As strange is it sounds, some of my best (imo) songs/melodies I've written came from when I just brainstormed in my head.

What I'll usually do is come up with a chord progression. I'll then play this progression for about 10 minutes, and then I'll go do something else. When I'm doing w/e, I'll have the progression repeating in my head. After a while, these melodies/notes will sort of naturally appear in my head. I'll sometimes hum them out so I don't forget.

When I go to my guitar or piano to transpose these notes out of my head, they always come out within key/the scale and sound great. Oddly enough, I have a hard time just sitting at my instrument trying to write out melodies/songs. They usually come out very generic and stale.

Anybody else write songs this way? lol
Only my best songs. They write themselves.
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I write everything by thinking first and then playing (I also think majority of composers do it that way). I come up with the sound first. I don't compose with my fingers (though sometimes an idea may come to my head from a sound that I play on my guitar). I don't usually start noodling and hoping for good melodies to come out of my instrument. That never works - you are playing with your fingers and not thinking about the sound. And that only makes you repeat the licks your fingers remember.

Many times I tweak the stuff I come up with on my guitar to get the best sounding chord voicings and stuff (maybe I want to use some open strings or something). Noodling seldom gets you anywhere.
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i only write puddle of mudd cover songs

Good one
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Good one

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I can only write (nicely) when doing it in my head.

It's logical, cause your not occupied by movements and your playing itself. Your also not limited by your playing.

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I guess the ultimate goal is to be able to be as good at Composing in your head and at the instrument.