Im an drummer looking for some new tabs to learn. Im wanting to learn Tonight by seether, and there is no going back by the sick puppies. can anyone help out with that?
I hate to say it, but you should honestly ditch the idea that drum tabs are useful and not even consider using them in the future.

First off, they are near-impossible to find unless the song is really popular and they act as a crutch for your ability to accurately hear and interpret another drummer's playing, which comes in handy very often. Not worrying about playing it perfectly every time will also give you an opportunity to work on your improv skills and creativity; when you go to jam with a guitarist/bassist you'll be much more prepared to play along with whatever they throw at you.

You might find yourself in a state of "I can't figure this song out and I don't want to sit here for hours trying to figure it out", that's how I was. Honestly in the beginning I thought I was terrible and could never do covers so I never bothered. The only way I really learned to play other people's songs is as I get better certain songs just clicked to me and I could play it without much effort. That trend has continued and now I can pick up songs I couldn't even play a year ago in a few minutes. Its weird, I know, and there probably aren't alot of people like me, but maybe that'll help.

Good luck.
You know now that you mention it. I have been in that "stuck" situation before. Ive tried learning songs by ear before and it just seems like i miss a lot of fills or things like that and me being kind of a perfectionist hate that its not perfect but i think your right and that i should try to be more creative. As long as the main beat of the song is done correctly it wont sound to bad so ill take your advice and play by ear. Any tips on Covers though? do you just listen to the song a million times? Or do you just jam till it sounds good?
Yeah I used to get really upset with myself, watching covers on youtube and saying "Man, I'll never do that"; starting out later than most guys didn't help out much either. (Damn 12 year olds on youtube :P) I think classic rock (AC/DC, Zeppelin, Aerosmith, ect) and alternative rock (Foo Fighters, Nirvana, Green Day) are good choices to start out on.
For me, when I'm learning a cover (and this is where I was saying that I'm weird compared to other guys) I can either play it or I can't. As I improve my overall playing I can pick up more difficult songs and I gain a better ear in the process to learn even harder songs. After a couple play throughs and listens I can usually play it well enough that I could jump into a band situation without an issue. Certain songs or difficult parts I'll sit down and listen to dozens of times though.
Its okay if you don't want to jump right into learning songs completely all by ear; let it be a process. Move from playing to tabs to watching youtube covers and listening to the song. Slowly make it so you're learning more by yourself and only watching covers/looking at tabs for small bits. Eventually you won't need any of that except yourself.
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