Hello. my question is on which pickup should i setup my sound? i have a vox valvetronix ad60. seems to me if i setup the sound on bridge, the neck sounds bad and reversed. how do you deal with this problem? thanx
If there are no settings that sound good with both pickups, you have another problem. Either your amp sucks, your pickups aren't adjusted properly, or your guitar sucks. By "sucks" I just mean that they don't meet your needs, but you get the idea.

I assume you've tried dialing in with one pickup, then switching to the other and tweaking until that one sounds good. But to be honest most setups should sound fine switching from one to the other.
but if you setup the amp on one pickup and you like the sound. the other pickup will sound diferent 100%. on which pickup do you guys setup the amp? is it better to setup the amp on one pickup and play only on that one?