This is my first attempt at mixing a metal song. This isn't a full song, but just a couple of riffs I threw together to practice mixing. The guitar playing isn't as tight as I would like it to be, but the tracks were all done in one take so please bear with me. There are no vocals in the mix. It's just strictly drums, guitars, and bass.

I'm using the standard EZDrummer plugin for drums and running my guitar and bass through PodFarm 2.5. There's not too much EQing going on amongst the tracks as I honestly don't really know how to EQ properly for high gain guitars.

Any suggestions, crits, or feeback of any kind would be greatly appreciated!

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Thanks for comment.
EZDrummer is recognisable, yep. Sounds nice though. I love metal, but not this style, anyway, seems well-constructed as a song. I also liked sound of bass, it's sitting just great in whole mix.
Could use a little more gain on the guitars, in my opinion, but besides that, it sounds fantastic.
All instruments are extremely clear, and heavy.
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I'm with vulcan on the guitars, they could use a bit more gain. The chugs don't quite get that "my pants are flapping" feel/effect. They sound really good, otherwise. I like the riffage.
Thanks for the crit! I really like the song. It has an older LoG feel to it. With some Blythe style vocals, it would be even more badass haha. Everything sits really well in the mix. Like others have said, maybe a little more gain on the guitars, but not too much. But overall, good song dude!
Sounds awesome to me! I too would change the guitars to be panned further to each L and R channel though.

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Thank you all for the feedback! I do plan on eventually re-recording the guitar tracks and I'll add a little more ass to the tone. As far as the issue of panning on that recording, I have 3 guitar tracks... One is panned 80% to the left, one is 80% to the right, and I just have a scratch track right down the center that I was planning on removing upon recording vocals. I was considering recording two more guitar tracks and panning them about 60% to the right and left speakers respectively and the volume levels slightly lower. Would this add more power to the guitars or would it ultimately just muddy up the mix?