Hey guys, looking for some help here.
Basically iv been playing guitar for 7 years and thought I was getting pretty good, being able to play most songs iv wanted.
Then I started listening to bands such as arcane roots and fall of troy and despaired because they are so much better than I am. What im wanting to know is can anyone become this good with enough practice? What are the best ways to learn to play songs consistently well, I wanna be able to gig a set of 10 complex songs and not have to think about it or screw up once. And finally how long is a realistic amount of time to achieve this?
Of course you can be as good as them with enough practice. One thing you'll need to realize is that there will ALWAYS be someone who is "better" than you at some particular technique. Instead of comparing yourself to them, learn their music and figure out how they do it. Their expertise should be a goal, not a dream.

There is no easy way to "be good" other than practice. Practicing is the only way you can progress. Everyone learns things differently so there's no way to predict the amount of time it takes to be good. "I've been playing for 7 years" could mean anything. In middle school, I had been playing for 2 years and already knew the solo to "Stairway to Heaven", and my music teacher, who had been playing guitar his whole life, could only strum chords.

Short answer: Figure out what the guys from the bands you listed are doing and try to emulate them, even if you suck in the beginning. You have to start somewhere. Who cares how long it takes.