this is my version for the solo of "Hotel California" by The Eagles.
Unfortunately youtube didn't let me upload it because of copyright issues which
I really hate.
So I've uploaded it to my account on google+, here it is:


Comments, likes and stuff would really be appreciated!!
constructive comments too
here's my youtube channel if you want to see more!

Very good. No critique whatsoever, the sound and the performance are stellar. Maybe at the end you didn't catch the vibe perfectly, but it's still really good.

Should finally get around to learning that goddamn solo, given that it's one of my favorites.
thank you very much!! this solo isn't very hard,
all and all practice alot and enjoy playing it.
Though you hit all the right notes, it lacked feeling. You should know how important it is to put emotion into the music. To me it is more important than getting all the notes right. You were too focused on reciting the phrases and that made it feel stale. I am not saying it was bad because it wasn't. But keep in mind that music is just as much about emotion as it is the notes that are played.

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