Are you a beginner in music theory?? And, can't figure out how to start out? Well, I'm here to help.
I have a series of Music Theory lessons which are highly organized & will help you compose your own music, no matter what instruments you play. The topics include-
Scales (Minor, major basics)
Circle of fifths for major tonalities
Circle of fifths for minor tonalities
Chords: triads
Chord Inversions
Seventh chords
Chromatic scale
Rhythm, meter, time signatures..

All the lessons are very reasonably priced and also I'll give away the first one for FREE so that you can check the Quality. I know, there are many websites which gives away music theory lessons for FREE, but believe me, they are not organized and you'll end up with half-baked knowledge and lots of doubts.
With all the lessons there is FREE Lifetime support & doubt clearing sessions.
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