Not sure if this is the right forum, I JUST joined, but I've got a problem. Last night I discovered that the neck on my guitar is pretty bowed forward(from string tension, not lack thereof) and I want to get it fixed if I can. It's not too bad, just enough to raise the strings up a little, and enough to be visibly noticeable. Can I adjust the truss rod myself, or will I have to go get screwed over by a tech again?
your guitar neck is supposed to have a bow in it. if it's too much, you can adjust the truss rod yourself - gradually. btw, if a tech uses knowledge and skill to fix a problem you can't fix, i don't see how they're screwing you over. no one i know works for free, and i can't see why a tech shouldn't get paid, and not get paid mcdonalds wages.
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there are some good videos on youtube about how to add/remove relief from the neck of your guitar. you'll probably even find one that details your specific guitar.
then if anyone gets screwed, you'll be the one bending yourself over.
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