am an experienced LEFTY guitarist, having been playing for some 40++ years...ALL the people I play with practice with say I am expert, I merely SAY I can play. I can p/up any song played in basic manner up to the 9 th fret. Most cant play after me as I attack the neck form the left..naturally! One gal who has played with lefties..can but shes an enigma to most. I wish to organize a band in OHIO, LANCASTER area, without getting grunge, metallic and those extreme views. I play folk, folk rock, rock, r & R 40 ~~ 90s and civil war songs as I am a re-enactor also. Just saying hello and trying to find out WHOs out there.
panthersmusic633@aol.com, or guy.sabol@yahoo.com, peace//
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I think the "Musicians" section on your local Craigslist would be a better place for something like this.
Skip the username, call me Billy
They have them in London...great. I guess my next question is if I buy one in London will I be able to use it here in Canada, will it have to be unlocked, and if so unlocked by whom