I live in England, I'm 17.

I'm more sure than not that I've got social anxiety disorder and depression, but have never been diagnosed.

I don't necessarily want to get on meds, but I want to see a medical professional about it and get help.

How do I go about this? Like, do I ask for an appointment with a GP then see from there? What do I do?
That's what I did, just talked to my GP, although he pretty much put me straight on meds.
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Yes, go to your GP.

They'll have a chat and if there is a concern (most will humour you if your persistent) they'll at least do a referral to one of the many kinds of psychology and counselling services the NHS provides.

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That's what I did, just talked to my GP, although he pretty much put me straight on meds.


Well here in the States, the GP's I've been to didn't refer me to any mental health specialist. They just gave me either Xanax or Tranxene which is mainly for anxiety and it was for short term usage.

I haven't used any pills like that in months. I mainly rely on eating good and exercise. Of course for some people it's not enough.
meds can help. just do research so you know what you're getting. be familiar with what SSRI drugs are and the risks that come with taking them for depression. they will most likely be your doctor's first resort. I'd really recommend trying natural remedies (5-HTP, st johns wort) or drugs with a lot less side effects and commitment (bupropion) before taking an SSRI.

also exercise and get sleep.

good luck homie.
I've been down the mdeical route for anxiety and depression, and it didn't help.

What did help was just having tons of willpower.
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I have had the opposite experience to the people above - willpower didn't work at all, then I took the drugs and it was awesome.

That said, I'm sure it's different for everyone. Your GP will probably recommend drugs, but you don't need to accept them and you certainly shouldn't let that put you off seeing a professional. If you are part of a school or college you should probably be able to get good help from there as well as a doctor.

So yeah, reach out your feelers and feel for help. Thumbs up, bru d(^_^d)
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Read or listen to some of Alan Watts' work and smoke weed occasionally. Strictly for medical purposes of course. End of anxiety.
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You're not depressed kid, you're going through puberty.

I disagree. I went through depression when I was 18. It was pure hell.

TS, a friend of mine who wasn't depressed, but who WANTED to appear depressed in front of his parents went to the GP. He did it so that he'd have an excuse to quit uni.

The GP gave him a questionnaire. He answered it. The doctor looked at it, came to the conclusion that he was depressed, gave him pills.

Now, that's how it goes in the UK. It seems all about the pills, nothing about psychological treatment, I THINK.

Give it a shot.
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You're not depressed kid, you're going through puberty.

lol, no.
If you're going to college/6th form this year then find out if there's a school counsellor you can talk to. You could just slip them a message with your name, saying you'd like to talk, under their office door or through a letter box and then let them contact you.

You could try taking St John's Wort

I hope that you get the help you need and start to feel better.

Mind also have some great information on where to find help and self-help for depression (and other mental illnesses).
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Something to bear in mind if you do go down the rocky slope of meds: If the first ones they give you work, you're extremely lucky. I don't wanna scare you with side effects and shit but a lot of prescription antidepressants have pretty extreme side effects. When I was on SSRIs I couldn't drink alcohol because they brought back my depressive symptoms with a vengeance as well as giving me symptoms of anxiety which I never had off of meds.On the plus side, SSRIs can delay ejaculation in males and is actually sometimes prescribed to men who suffer from premature ejaculation.

MAOIs have horrific interactions with a number of drugs, both medical and recreational, even some foods, and in general are fucking terrifying.

If you start meds and decide they aren't for you, talk to your doc about it, don't be an idiot and quit cold turkey like I did. SSRI withdrawal causes symptoms like random waves of nausea, vertigo, and in my case brief bouts of moderate derealization.
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Read or listen to some of Alan Watts' work and smoke weed occasionally. Strictly for medical purposes of course. End of anxiety.

I listen to a fair bit of Alan Watts, I meditate and smoke weed (Perhaps a bit more than just weed, and a bit more often than occasionally).

Cheers guys, yeah starting sixth form soon so will probably talk to someone there, try and sort something, see a GP.

I'm not going near SSRIs or anti-anxiety's, but wouldn't mind being referred to a counselor/therapist.

A friend of mine recently saw her GP and has been given a 6 week course of counselling, would hope for something similar.
Oh yeah, and although Alan Watts voice helps me momentarily, it never seems to stick.

Also, most weed does nothing to my anxiety, doesn't increase or decrease it, and I've tried Sativas and Indicas.
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You're not depressed kid, you're going through puberty.

this is dumb
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I've been going through clinical depression for more than 5 years. I had anxiety issues about a year ago which only lasted for about 6 months, and had one panic attack.

For the last few months I have felt the best in probably the whole time I have had depression. It's still there, but I feel like I'm learning to simply live with it and I kind of find it relaxing sometimes- if you can believe that. To me, anxiety is quite a bit more intolerable than depression.

I have tried different antidepressants and all I noticed was some rather mild side-effects I can't even really remember. Probably the strongest antidepressant I have used is Venlafaxine (150 mg being the highest dose I have had of it) and I didn't notice anything. I didn't even wean myself off of it- I just stopped taking it when I ran out and my mood didn't change at all. At least, I didn't notice a difference. All that happened was I got this strange sensation for awhile like some kind of "zap" inside my head from time to time for about a week. It just felt kind of strange, that's about it.

Anxiety on the other hand... I had some clonazepam and lorazepam (benzos) which seemed to be REALLY effective. However, there was just something about those meds... it's hard to explain, but I could tell from how they worked somehow that they were potentially addictive. I never got addicted though.

I think that the anxiety came up because I was trying WAY TOO HARD to do the absolute best I possibly could all the time. I just got really high strung, and I can't function at all that way. It's easier said than done, but I just had to realize I needed to relax to be the best I could be. Also, the depression helped me not take things so seriously. The power of indifference is quite strong- you just have to learn to use it in the most beneficial way.

I no longer take any meds, and like I said I feel better now than I have in years but still have depression.
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Start listening to street punk.

Like The Unseen or The Casualties.

I suffer from depression and that really helps. Afterwards you can go out when you feel better and find some random company to drink and waste time with, but that's optional.
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I'm actually having a discussion with a friend about her anxiety as we speak. She's just told me this has helped her a lot


And I've just recommended she reads The Miracle Of Mindfulness by Thich Nhat Hanh because I think it would help.

EDIT: This is, things I'd recommend to try after you see a GP and take his advice

Ah, cool. Yeah this girl I know, she suffers with depression and anxiety, she gave me Eckhart Tolle's 'The Power Of Now' to read, I'll check out the one you said.

I'll watch that video too, and cheers guys.
Wouldn't recommend reading any of Tolle's pish. Unless you think passages like

The pain-body consists of trapped life-energy that has split off from your total energy field and has temporarily become autonomous through the unnatural process of mind identification
are worth your time reading.
Don't rule out pharmaceuticals. Yeah most of the time they don't work. Sometimes they have really bad side effects and bad interactions with other drugs, like making you almost involuntarily jump in front of a moving car. But sometimes they really do help people. It all comes down to the doctors. Do some research and don't just make an appointment anywhere. You're still young as ****kk. Don't rule out all options for stupid reasons. I did so and I'm 22 and no where in life and am just now actually attempting to talk to a psychiatrist and thinking of giving anti-depressants a serious go.

Don't rule out "new age pseudo-hippie nonsense" either.
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You get my first ever lolstack

The image in my head is just too funny for words at this point

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