Hi everyone. I'm sure this has been asked multiple times before, but here it goes anyway.
I finally saved enough money to buy my first electric and take my first steps with the instrument. I'm pretty tight on money right now, so nothing really fancy, I'll probably buy a Epiphone Les Paul Special II for 120 bucks.

My acoustic is sitting on a guitar stand right now, but I won't have enough money to buy an extra one for my electric, let alone a hard case.

My question is: Is it bad for the guitar to just leave it inside a gig bag on the floor when you're not playing? I'm assuming gig bags don't really offer any support, so can gravity have an adverse effect on the neck?
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Gravity will have no effect on the neck. If you have the acoustic sitting in a guitar bag, it would be same as if you had it on the stand. There would be no effect at all. Leaving it on the stand will cause it to gather dust if you never touch it or maintain it. That can't happen when inside a bag so an advantage there is present!
A guy I used to play with always left his guitar facing strings down on his jacket or something soft. When we asked him why, he said its less likely to get a machine head or neck broken if its stepped on or something.
But he was stoned all the time, so who knows. I would buy a stand.
if it's leaning on the neck it probably won't help it if it has the headstock attached at an angle (and a gibson/epiphone normally does).
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But he was stoned all the time, so who knows.

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