Hi, I am in a band and we are really trying for now to get some ideas flowing and put some songs together. I have played many songs so I understand the composition and I have taken some lessons. I always hear cliche that rules are meant to be broken and it seems that people say that in guitar often but without real explanation of where the boundaries are. So the situation I am in is whether it is best to take most lead parts and rhythms directly from scales and "normal" chord progressions or if sometimes something that just sounds good is okay. One more thing, if I am playing in the key of C for a metal type of song what are my options of scales perhaps just using the pentatonic as an example. What specific scales would you go to first in the writing process? When I was taking lesson the instructor mainly said to play the scale of whatever the key is, but what are my main options. I want our songs to be as correct as they can be, but I don't know ultimately how important that really is. I am not sure if some of the bands out there are overly concerned if there music is "perfect" in terms of theory but I don't know.

Any tips with the writing process would help quite a bit, I am new to it. It is kind of embarrassing to ask but I could never get a good answer from my instructor for whatever reason.

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Hey - simple: learn all the tabs of your favorite band/guitarist for like a week then just get that style under your fingers. Then when you start jamming your gonna be writing riffs in that style

Edit: No one gives a sh1t about theory when the song is written, obviously it just needs to sound good thats it.. Matt Heafy doesnt know theory

Use it as much as it helps but in the end, find your own balance..
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That's what we do I just wasn't sure if it would be easier if we went deeper into theory. The more I look the more I think the metal bands especially now days focus less on it though. A lot of the tabs look the same just using pentatonic mostly.
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