i Play guitar for 3 years now but i only got better in the last year but i feel my level is going down my right hand isn't as good as the left for example when i play Metallica Master of puppets when i play this part

when i play the A string i pick it twice instead of one i played it right in the past but i just can't now any help or tips for this ?
We know nothing of your practice habits.

1) Slow down
2) Practice more frequently
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Is the second pick of the A string due to you moving your pick back up after doing a downstroke on the first pick? If it is, practice your alternate picking.

You sound just like me when I was just winging everything I did by saying I used economy picking.
and some times i play it right at fast speed and when i slow it down to the song speed i don't play it right !
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how to learn picking ???
swings ur hand up and down ???

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