i have a schecter damien elite 6 fr guitar, and i play a lot of metal and stuff. i have about $300 to spend. right now i have a fender mustang II amp, but thats not working out at all!! i heard line 6 amps are great, but im not to entirely sure :/ so yeah, any recommendations??

Budget? - What is practical for you and what is your limit?

Genres? - What style do you play mostly, fav guitarists, do you need cleans, etc?

New or Used? - Lots of great amps out there used, especially in a down economy.

Home or Gig? - Also important. Maybe you do both. Jamming with a drummer can be considered 'gigging' but you won't have a PA etc.

Closest City? - We aren't here to stalk you but we need to know where you are in the world roughly and we can help further if we know what city you are in (ie craigslist, local shops, Guitar Center used section, etc)

Current Gear? - Also good for us to know.

Try this format my man, this will get you best results. FWIW, Line 6 has good products, but the Spider series, which may have been what you heard about, sucks pretty hard.
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Budget? - $300
Genres? - rock, metal, post hardcore
New or Used? - new
Home or Gig? - home
Closest City? - Atwater Ca, Merced is closest to me
Current Gear- Schecter Damien elite 6 fr, and Fender Mustang II amp
oh and thx c:

For $300 new, there aren't many things that will be much of an improvement. The one thing that immediately comes to mind is the Peavey Vypyr 75, which is still a modeling amp, but it is more oriented towards heavy sounds.

Other than that, there isn't much else that I can recommend you on the new. A few more options open up used, but I understand if that makes you uncomfortable, I just feel obligated to let you know that you can get a much better suited amp that way.
I'm just a kickin' and a gougin' in the mud and the blood and the beer.
I would definitely suggest you get a Vypyr 30 & a Sanpera I, if you must go new.

THAT SAID - what's wrong with your Mustang? Why isn't it working out for you?
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Line 6 sucks. If you have $300 to spend and want to use a modeling amp, I would upgrade to a Fender Mustang III. Definitely a much better amp.
To play that genres, save a little more money and get a Vypyr Tube 60, or buy a used one.
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