So I just got these two lovelies for free from a friend (Which is good because I'm piss poor right now) and individually they are fantastic.

Together, they're a bit weird.

When I plug the POD into the Crate (I use the headphone jack?), the tone comes through clean. But once I turn on the amp/cab model in the POD, I get a strange volume problem. The tone doesn't break apart or distort any more than I would want. The issue here is that the bass and treble do not match.

When played together, their levels are fairly equal to what I would expect from the settings, but as soon as the treble stops or fades, the bass becomes louder. Now, I know bass is inherently more audible than treble, but this isn't what happens with either setup played individually. The volume increases a LOT. I've tried cutting the bass on both, but it seems like when the pod uses its amp modeler and attempts to pass a wide range of signal to the amp, the amp isn't behaving.

It sounds like when I used to have a bass cab that kept being limited because I was sharing the power strip with 4 other amps. Empirically this leads me to think it's a wattage issue, but I can't be sure, this isn't really my area of expertise.

Anyone have any ideas on what this is? The sound reaches its loudest when I palm mute the open 7th string on my guitar, but the volume halves when i play it open with the two strings above it. As I said, it sounds like the amp can't get enough power, but I don't think that's the case really, since it's on its own circuit in the house.

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If you use the headphone out, the speaker simulator is on. Use the left/mono output to the amp. Depending on what model POD, set the output to poweramp/cab, or turn the speaker simulator off. This will fix all of you're problems.
I love all 5 (sold a couple) of my Carvin X-100b's.