Hey guys, just a quick one, I just found this old pair of Sansui head phones (SS-20's) in my room that Dad gave me ages ago. They've got a 1/4" plug and 8 Ohms marked on the side. I know that they're Japanese made and I'm pretty sure they're from the 70's.

Anyway, the ohm rating makes me think I could theoretically plug these into my amp and use the speaker out for silent practice/recording. Figured I'd ask before I actually go and do this and blow something expensive. So, yay or nay?
Noooooooooo. Headphones will melt if you plug them into the amp output. And then your amp will blow.
I'd normally agree, the 8ohm rating on them is what is making me think twice though.
Ohms are impedance, that number tells you nothing about dissipation. What's the wattage rating?

I bet it's nowhere near your amp's output. Headphones are rated for fractions of a watt, your amp will turn that into charcoal in a second.
Aaaaah. Durr, should have thought of that. Lemme check the wattage

EDIT: Yep, 500mW. Too easy. Cheers Colin.
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