Ive gone from dreaming of a Gibson Les Paul to having two of them in 2 weeks.
This little puppy is a 2011 model Gibson Les Paul satin fireburst with burst bucker pro's in both the neck and bridge positions. Its a chambered mahogany body, so no swiss cheese around here, and appears to be a three piece body seeing as the joins are visible through the finish at the back of the guitar, but no one ever looks at that sort of shit...
It has the 50's style neck which I really could not gel with on my old Epiphone custom but this one feels just ever so slightly smaller and therefore more suited to my hand.

My one does not have a pick guard fitted and to be honest it looks much better without it. There are only two issues that I have with this guitar, and they are Gibson quality control issues as usual, the first is that the finish is so thick I can barely read the serial number which is a deadest pain in the arse, and the second is the body joints at the back of the guitar, it is clear to the eye that its of 3 pieces but having a finish thats so damn thick you would think that they would have been able to mask such a flaw, and its quite clear that they have tried. Having said that, its a f**king awesome paint job, so deep and lustrous... It came with a Gibson hardcase which is lined with white fluffy stuff and is of a pretty solid construction.
I have to say that the last few weeks have been pretty good, 3 and a half grands worth of guitars and all of the empty slots in my rack are now full. I just need to find a nice Marshall amp and get some more ability playing these damned things. Rock out with your **** out guys!