I bought this thing at a pawn-shop 30 some years ago and it still sounds great and it's flat top is still just that; flat as a pancake. However after having recently gotten back into playing again after a 30 year hiatus do to work, work, work, I started looking at guitars in a whole new light and I noticed the strangest thing in this guitars construction.

I know full well what the Aria brand is known for; not such high-end quality. But my sides and back are made of multiple stacked-and-glued 1/4" strips., then thin sliced for a psudo-solid wood construction. I know wood fairly well and I can tell you that each strip sports a different grain pattern.

I find this highly unusual and as rare as it gets. In fact, I've never seen it before or since. It's the damndest thing. I can't find any information about this and I continually get that, "So, you say you were abducted by aliens last night?" look from anyone I tell about it. Was this thing built by aliens? Can anybody tell me or steer me in a direction that will give me an answer about this?
Martin D28 clones. i'd love to see some pics as the ones i've seen just had the 3 piece back wedge that is usual on a lot of guitars. the one and 2 piece ones are harder to come by so manufactureres just use a few pieces with a wedge to save on cost.
i would love to see pics of yours if thats not what your referring to. that would make it really cost effective on Aria's part by utilizing scraps to make the body.
need more gear and a lot more talent(courtesytuxs)
I'm new to the forum and will eventually post some pics; dah. I didn't think I'd get any responce. I should have known better. Give me some time; they could be worth the wait.

As to the three piece back. Yes mine has a three piece. The center wedge is solid wood across it's grain, but the two side pieces are made of this same 1/4" glue-up that the sides are made of. I'll work on posting those pics. All the ones I've seen are either two piece solid grain or the three piece with each piece showing solid grain on each.

Mines, I believe, is weird to say the least.
I was afraid it would boil down to this; I can't attach my pics. I'm a cumputer tard when it comes to this. I tried 6 ways to Sunday with no results. I'll keep trying something; what, I don't know. Sorry!