i have a jackson kelly from 88.
i would like to change my pick up to symour duncan. (now i have a symour duncan design). i am looking after a sound that is between a classic rock to heavy metal like megadeth. i am not intersted in exteme metal sound like in death metal or black metal.
i would say that megadeth rust in peace will be the most heavier sound that i am looking after.
i also want to change my bridge into a floyd rose. which one do u suggest me?
the money is not the problem, i am after only good quality.

thank you!!
Duncan JB or Duncan Custom

And is your guitar routed? You can't just go from no remolo to a Floyd Rose, or from a LFR to an OFR or something
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^ yeah, or a custom 5.

if megadeth is the heaviest you could even get away with a lower-output pickup, most likely.

what floyd does your kelly have? here's a good link describing whether an OFR is a retrofit for all the old jackson trems:


really it's a matter of finding the easiest (good) trem to fit into your guitar.
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I'd suggest a JB since that's what they used. I'd usually suggest a Dimarzio Super Distortion for alder guitars (assuming your Kelly is alder like the current ones) since I feel a JB is a bit bright, but you might as well go for the sure thing.

If routing/replacing doesn't have any hassles, I'd just suggest the regular OFR.
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